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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

J Crew Warehouse Sale August 11/12

Hi everyone, it's been pretty busy around our house the past few weeks. The kids start their new school tomorrow so I wanted to be sure to post about the last warehouse sale in Arden, NC. 

I had attended a sale back in October so I pretty much  knew how it worked. My only drawback-I arrived at 7:30. It really is true, you need to get there early, early!! No bones about that. I waited (are you ready for this?) 5 hours to get in. Yes, friends, I know, I know, that's crazy ridiculous but I did it anyway. Last time I only waited over 2 hours. I had heard after the fact that this was one of their biggest ever. You see, the last one was back in March so it had been awhile. The upside to the long wait was the great people I met while I line. Two great ladies behind me from Cary, NC told they found out about the sale from Alexis' JCA blog. I  was actually one of 2 people who let her know about the sale back in July so my name is mentioned in her side bar about the sale. Thanks Alexis!!

So how did I fare? Not so good I am afraid. I did hit gold from my friends little girl in the Crewcuts section. The stuff was really cute and really cheap. As far as for me, nothing, nada. It's not that it's really picked over. It's a big mess. If there was a treasure to be found you'd have to dive head first in the many discarded piles to find something. So, there is something to be said about arriving early and being in the first group to get in.

I did find out that they replenish with new items for the Sunday sale. Another thing I learned is they don't take your J Crew credit card either. Only VISA or cash. If you pay cash you don't have to wait in line too long, they have a separate line for that. They do have a limit of $500 and they notice you buying too  many duplicates they will question you. The only thing I would say they could change is the time limit. They won't let anyone in until other people leave. Some 9 AM people didn't come out until 1 or 2! That's a long, long time to be shopping. In the future it would nice to see them control that a bit better.

All in all I would do it again but with a shopping buddy (I have a friend that plans to go with me next time) and we will be in the first group to go in.  The next sale has yet to be announced. 

Once the kids start school I'll be blogging more. I plan to start my organizing business again and finish some projects at my new home. Until then.......

XXOO Molly

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