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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Gorgeous Find

HI everyone, this is my last week until my big trip to the West Coast. I am beyond excited. As I said  in my last post I did purchase some new BR items that will make the trip. My latest find was this beautiful trench coat. I had seen this in person at the store and really didn't give it much thought.  On Super Bowl Sunday BR offered 50% off one item This coat is $175 which WAY more than I would ever pay. Lucky for me with the 50 off and my Gap/BR rewards I was able to snag this baby for $60 with free ship. Score!

I have worn it a few times and I  have people stop and compliment me on the coat. Needless to say, this is making the trip with me. I had thought that I would need a heavier coat but with a sweater on  underneath this provides plenty of warmth for me.

BR Floral Trench Coat

I think this may be sold out now in some sizes. If not and you find this in your store, it's well worth the investment. I liked this print so much that I also purchased the scarf at 40% off last week. 

I will be sharing some of my "outfits" for the trip. With a blog called My Closet Travels it's only right that I share how my closet with travel on this trip.

Have a great day!!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thoughts for 2014 and a New Brand I Love

Hi Everyone, I can't believe it's been since Summer when I posted last on this blog A lot has happened since then. Time just seems to fly by these days. Life in the mountains is great, after a year and a half of being here all of us have adjusted quite nicely. Life is good. I have recently gone back to freelance as a Media Specialist which was my original skill set way back pre children. I work for myself, set my own hours and I love it.

When I contemplated taking on this role I had to really re-consider my current wardrobe. I have noticed that most people are very casually dressed for work. I must confess whoever invented "yoga pants" thank you. They're the best pants ever!!! As most of you know from past posts I am a J Crew gal thru and thru. Heck. my good friend is a personal shopper here at my store and gosh, I can attend the sample sale once a month which is nearby as well. You'd think that would be enough to keep my on board with J Crew.

Not true anymore. I have converted to Banana Republic! I happened in about 2 weeks ago. I was recently in Atlanta and popped into a store there. I have to say I loved what I saw and decided I would visit the local store here once I came home. The prices were great, an extra 40 off full price items and the clothes were really cute. 

Once I came home I went in right when they opened and was greeted by the GM, Tina. Tina was fantastic, I told her what I was looking for and away she went. Everything I tried on I loved. I had some really tough decisions to make concerning my new work wardrobe. Tina told me if I opened a card I would save 45% off all together-- I was game immediately as I normally don't open new credit accounts. I bought 2 tees, one pair of Hampton pants, one dress, a bag (that doubles as a work tote for my laptop) and a sweater. All for less than $250!! I have mix/match outfits that made me feel like I got my money's worth.
I am so very happy with everything and have since been back to purchase another tee shirt and a top.

I have a trip planned to San Francisco with a friend and am very excited. I will be meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Peggy from She hath Done What She Could. It will be a jam packed, fun-filled, non stop on the go trip.

Be sure to check out my Ebay listings at Maddyandme.....I am selling many of my older J Crew and Loft items at really cheap prices.

I hope this post finds everyone well. Even though I've been away for awhile I do read blogs and try to keep up........Happy New Year to you all.

Some of my purchases.........

XO Molly

Fit and Flare Striped Dress
Hampton Pant
Shell Stitched Sweater

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Summer!!!

Hello readers. It's been 6 months that I've been away from my blog. After my move last Summer and with starting a new school with my kids life just got really busy.

I hope this finds everyone well and off to a great start to Summer. We finished school May 24 and have already been to Maine on vacation. We have a few other trips planned this Summer, one to Hilton Head that we always enjoy.

I'll be back sometime soon with some things I love for summer. We just had a new AT Loft open here so I have enjoyed shopping there and finding some great summer items.

Be sure to check my Ebay items. I will be listing a bunch of great J Crew stuff today. My user id is  Maddyandme.
See you soon

XO Molly

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hello, long time, no see. Sorry to be away for so long. It's just been very busy the past month. I'll be back to my blogging soon though!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of 2013!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Give A Way

This is for the PINK necklace-Factory Version

It's been so long since I"ve done a give a way. I wanted to celebrate 2 years of blogging. My blog anniversary was in October so better late than never.

Here is what you will win: A J Crew Factory Bubble Necklace in Pink, so cute, so versatile and goes with everything

Rules are that you need to be a follower (if you aren't you can be by clicking on link on right side) please leave your email address and a comment about your fa vorite family Christmas tradition. I can't wait to read everyone's replies.

Please you must be US resident and over 18 yrs of age

Tell all  you blog friends too. If you link my give a way on your blog, let me know, I'll give you 1 extra entry

Give a way ends a midnight December 1, 2012

Good luck!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Day one week from today!!!

Hi everyone, just popped in to say I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We're headed out of town as my kids are off all next week. Can't wait. The weather has been really nice here so I hope that continues thru next week.

Anyone doing Black Friday? Or Black Thursday as I see many stores are starting on Thanksgiving day. Personally, I dont' think I have shopped on Black Friday.  There is nothing that I need that day and I prefer to head to the mall after the rush dies down the following week while kids are in school. I am just not a big fan of the crowds. I also don't shop for myself either so I can get all the Christmas goodies I need for my kids and family on other days. I know many of you love the fun and rush of that day, me not so much!

I am waiting for my J Crew reward to arrive so I can buy a few items before the Holiday. I did recently pick up the puffin sweater at J Crew Factory which is really cute. I did see some great items that came out  at J Crew but will hold off for a sale. Some of the items were a bit pricey.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. After the Holiday I will be hosting a give a way to CELEBRATE 2 years of blogging at MY CLOSET TRAVELS. The time has simply flown by. Safe travels to all of you who are going somewhere over the holiday.

XO Molly

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sale Recap and SNOW!!

Hello everyone, I promised a sale recap but before I dive into that I wanted to tell you that Hurricane Sandy is wrecking havoc everywhere including the mountains. We have snow and had a 2 hr delay today. It's not even Halloween yet, how can that be possible??

This Halloween will be very different for us. As another blogger mentioned many states celebrate Halloween on different days. In my last state, we never trick or treated on the actual day. This year, we will. Weather permitting, of course. We have Thursday and Friday off from school here so that will be a nice bonus for us.

So, on to the sale. This was my 3rd warehouse sale. There is something to be said for arriving very early and being in the first group. My friend and I were 36th and 37th in line and were in the first group to go in. We were able to set up our chairs and stay in our car so we could be warm. Keep in mind J Crew employees can go in Friday night and at 8 AM on Saturday. There were about 300 people that went thru before I actually walked in the door. If you are a diehard you should arrive before 5 AM!! This way you are guaranteed to go in first.

Everyone has said go for the jewelry ($5 each) and handbags ($20-$30 each) let me just say that any jewlery that was available at 9 AM was at the bottom of the boxes and it was all broken. The handbags, well, they were broken too. So no luck with that. I did snag a few Madewell and J Crew scarves for $5 and a tote bag for $ 5 for my daughter. I did not buy any jewelry, it was broken or missing gems.

I did find some wonderful dresses for myself. All were $20!!! I kind of knew ahead of time what I was looking for so I grabbed quickly, stuck it in my bag and carried on. I decided I would sort later. I found a sleeveless eyelet top, a few cardigans and a pair shorts. The shorts were $8 (regularly $98) the sweaters were each $20 but sold for $88 when they were offered at full price. The best buys were the cashmere sweaters for $25, they were in perfect condition and I found 2.

For those of you who are skeptical about every attending -you really should. I went back and walked right in on Sunday and found all new stuff. They restock throughout both days and before they open on Sunday. I have to admit it was a bit of a mess on Sunday but still worth the visit.

My friend traveled about 10 hours to join me and she found so many crewcuts items including cashmere sweaters for $6 each. YES, $6 each. They were adorable as are all the Crewcut items.

This sale was not nearly as crowded as the one back in August. I think they plan to hold these sales at least every other month. I am sure that are not as well attended when it's freezing cold and you have to wait outside. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Happy Halloween and for those of you in Sandy's wake, stay safe my thoughts are with you all.